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Every now and then, a small business tool catches our eye. The Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard is one such tool, and I thought we’d take a closer look at what it might be able to offer your small business.

BizEngine respects Yahoo! Small Business. Let’s get that out of the way up front. They offer quite a few resources for the small businesses we so enjoy talking to, and I recommend them to almost anyone. So this dashboard would seem to be a logical extension of that, allowing small businesses to handle a lot of their marketing on one platform.

What’s Good

Here’s what I think will work for small businesses:

  • Knowing what page you’re on in search rankings for about 100 different search engines is a big plus. It saves you the time of having to look yourself.
  • Reputation analytics are useful. If you’re having some problems with consumer complain sites and the like, you can find out, identify the issue and take steps to remedy it.
  • Collecting a variety of tools for little-to-no cost makes life easier on small business owners, who don’t want to manage more than one dashboard at a time for marketing efforts.

What’s Not As Good

  • The SEO/search analytics side of this seems neither revolutionary nor particularly necessary for me. Google Analytics is already available as a free tool, and from what I can tell, Yahoo! isn’t offering anything in terms of analytics that they aren’t. Given that Google is the most important search engine you’ll target, it’s best to stick with their analytics service.
  • It’s not like $10 a month is going to break the bank—if it is, I would urge you to strongly consider new revenue streams—but it remains to be seen how much value you’re going to get for that price. That could drive some small business owners away.

I’ll be tinkering with the dashboard later this week with an eye on writing a review for early next week. If you try it out in the meantime, let me know what you think.

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