The Long Arm Of The Blog: Reaching The Right Audience Online

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When you sit down to blog, are you intent on reaching your customers or your colleagues?

You may not consciously be aware of which you’re aiming at, but social media guru Chris Brogan argues that it usually is one or the other. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong approach, but the way you write and the topics you cover will be different depending on who you’re looking at. Given the importance of knowing your audience in blogging, you really need to keep that in mind:

It’s important, then, that I know when I’m writing to my colleagues versus when I’m writing to my buyers. It’s also important that I make sure to schedule enough posts of each kind that I keep both crowds interested.

Brogan suggests looking back over your last ten posts and trying to find a trend. If you’re leaning heavily toward one side, consider mixing up your content to keep things interesting for all who might read your blog. That means a healthy mix of industry-specific news, opinions and advice, and limiting jargon when you’re trying to reach your customers.

Technically, I’d argue that you can reach both groups. When I link to an article like Brogan’s and discuss it, I’m reaching both fellow bloggers and the small businesses Biz Engine wants to talk to, specifically those that are looking to build their own social media presence. Not every piece can be targeted that way, though, so it’s not necessarily a wise decision to make that approach the backbone of your blog.

Do you tend to tailor your content more to colleagues or buyers, and why?

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