3 Great Ways To Pull In Summer Business For Small Businesses

Summer Tips for Small Business

Many businesses just do better in the summer, as we’ve discussed.

For every shop that makes its living in the winter, there seems to be two that thrive when the weather is warmest, the ice cream meltiest and the beer most refreshing. That means you’ve got a lot of competition for customers, even if there are a lot more of them to go around.

The key, as always, is to get a leg up on that competition. There’s a great deal I don’t know about your business, so I can’t do more on that score than give you general advice. But chances are somewhere in the three tips BizEngine is about to give, you’ll find something applicable. I hope you’ll share your own tips with your fellow small business owners.

Without further ado, away we go.

3 Smart Tips For Seasonal Businesses

  • Embrace the season. This is particularly relevant if you’re near the ocean, a lake or a popular downtown spot, where foot traffic is going to spike dramatically during the summertime. Promote those menu items that are most appealing on 80 degree days, open out an outdoor area of your shop if possible and cobble together a few promotions that fit summertime well. You know your business well enough to know what will and won’t fly with your customer base.
  • Hit the press. Your local paper will do a story about summertime businesses. It’s inevitable, because small town papers need stories and that’s a tradition. Trust me on that one.

    So why not become part of that story and get some free exposure? Reach out to papers, bloggers and television and radio stations in your area and tell them if they need to talk to a business doing brisk summer…well, business…they can give you a call. It’s a nice way to get a little free exposure.

  • If you can swing it, stay open later. The extra daylight will bring you even more foot and car traffic than usual, and even if you’re only staying open an extra hour for four days a week, you will get extra business out of it. Extra? Extra.

So that’s our advice for the summer season. What’s yours?

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