Don’t Forget To Publicize Your Small Business Success

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How to publicize small business success

I have to be careful not to tread on the illustrious Kim Ring’s turf, but I did want to give you a little advice on the magic of publicity.

One of the keys for any small business is making sure your efforts are recognized. If you’re the top butcher shop in Lansing, Michigan, the world needs to know that. If you’re the most charitable county in Aroostook County, Maine, the world needs to know that. If you’re having a big sale, your customers most certainly need to be informed.

This is a real challenge for time-starved business owners who must juggle many issues at once, which is sort of akin to keeping fiery knives aloft with only one hand. Publicity may just be the last thing on your mind, and besides, doesn’t word of mouth take you a long way? Sure, but not far enough.

Here’s a few ways you can not only keep publicity in the forefront of your mind, but also avoid aggrandizing your business and alienating customers.

Publicity Tips

  • Have an employee or two who have the obligation to remind you that this sale or that achievement needs to be publicized. Better yet, have an employee you can go to who can draft press releases, write articles or put together fliers, e-mails and social media campaigns which spread the word effectively without cutting into your valuable time.
  • Figure out what’s newsworthy. For a great guide to this, check out Kim Ring’s recent guest post for us here at BizEngine. My advice? If it’s something unique, if it involves new heights reached by your business or it involves your business doing good works in the community, it’s worth it.
  • Learn to distinguish an effective way of communicating your small business successes without coming across as a braggart. This can be something as simple as “Check out what we were able to do for the local orphanage” or “learn how our commitment to our customers has translated into success!” Make sure you’re sharing the credit and expanding the focus to encompass customers, charities and your community, and you’ll be all set.

Following these tips, you’ll be getting your name and your success stories out there in no time at all. That’s always a great idea.

How do you share your success with others?

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