Small Businesses Are Generally Indifferent To Twitter

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If you’ve read BizEngine for any length of time, you’re no doubt aware that we recommend Twitter. It’s a smart, easy way to connect with customers, despite its numerous warts as a platform, the most glaring of which is its famous 140 character limit.

Yet the Wall Street Journal investigates a recent poll that finds an overwhelming majority of small business owners are more than a little skeptical about the technology.

The reasoning is pretty simple: It seems like a hassle to the busiest businesses and those reluctant to embrace technology, and word-of-mouth is still an extremely appealing way to reach customers. It’s undeniably effective, still, and I’m not recommending that anyone suddenly give up on their traditional methods.

So why Tweet? I could come up with a pretty long list, but suffice to say it allows you to be an ambassador for your brand, engage directly with customers, promote services and products, engender good will with customers and fellow businesspeople alike and reach out to a wide group in less time and with less monetary impact than ever before.

In fact, Twitter is today’s version of word-of-mouth advertising. A follower of yours with great influence—say a local or national celebrity, for example—can decide he likes the service you’re promoting over Twitter and blast it out to his/her followers. That ensures that hundreds or even thousands of people will see it, and a chunk of those will be intrigued enough to head your way. All that from something you can write in less than two minutes.

Do you use Twitter? If not, tell us why.

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