Our Blogger’s March Madness Bracket Is Off To A Decent Start

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Blogger Dave Choate took his best shot at a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. For the remainder of the tournament, he will be making fun of his pitiful prognostication skills.

So my work day is just about in the books, and six games have been played. I’m sure you’ve been wondering who I picked to emerge from the first round and just how wrong I was. If you were looking for me to fail? Well, I’ve sort of failed at failing thus far:


  • #5 West Virginia vs. #12 Clemson
  • #7 Temple vs. #10 Pennsylvania State
  • #4 Kentucky vs. #13 Princeton
  • #1 Pittsburgh vs. #16 NC-Asheville (They were crushing NC-Asheville when I checked out for the day)


  • #8 Butler vs. #9 Old Dominion
  • #4 Louisville vs. #13 Morehead State

All in all, this is far from the worst start to a bracket that I’ve ever unleashed on the world. It’s hard to believe Louisville managed to lose to Morehead State, and I really thought the Butler and Old Dominion game was a toss-up. I just picked the wrong side of the coin.

As for the ones I got right…well, Temple’s an interesting case. They barely held out against Penn. State, and in order for my bracket to go smoothly, they need to beat San Diego State in the next round. Stranger things have happened, but I’m definitely concerned. West Virginia is probably going to get stomped into the court by Kentucky, barring a miracle.

How’s your bracket doing?

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