How To Find The Jeremy Lin At Your Small Business

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If you’ve somehow missed out on the Linsanity surrounding New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, you either don’t follow basketball or you’re living in a carved out tree somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. It’s news that applies to small business, too.

You can find a lot more background with a simple Google search, but here’s the basics. A Harvard-educated NBA player, Lin bounced around the league without getting a shot at playing time for both the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets before landing in New York. Injuries opened up a starting job for him, and he responded by scoring an enormous number of points and taking the league by storm. It doesn’t hurt that he’s the NBA’s first Taiwanese-American player, either.

It’s an amazing story on those merits alone, but it’s doubly amazing when you consider that no one appears to have picked up on the simple fact that Jeremy Lin is a great basketball player. It made me wonder how many companies are missing the Jeremy Lin in their midst, giving a potentially superior employee tasks that don’t allow them to shine.

So how can hiring companies find the Linner (ha!) in their offices?

Tracking Down Your Jeremy Lin

  • Keep a close eye on the quality of employees’ work. If someone is consistently sparkling in their role, don’t be content to leave them there. Talk to them about their goals, learn more about their talents and see if they might be due for a promotion that better fit their talents?
  • Is this employee a point guard? By that I mean, simply, do they make the team better? If so, maybe you can expand their role in a way that allows them more autonomy to make decisions on projects.
  • Make a point of taking a closer look at employees who you don’t normally keep tabs on. They might be doing quietly excellent work right under your nose and you might never know it.
  • Hire the next Jeremy Lin with a business suit. Look for promising young workers who have all the talent and intangibles to make a difference at your company, even if they don’t have a ton of experience. You might be surprised.

So that’s our advice. What are your thoughts on both what we have to say and Linsanity in general?

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