Jamillah Warner: ABC — Always Be Collecting A Smart Team For A Rainy Day

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Jamillah Warner

Alec Baldwin made this phrase famous in the 1992 movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, when his character, Blake, said

“A-B-C. A-Always, B-Be, C-Closing. Always be closing, always be closing.”

For the salesman inside of every small business owner, it’s true. But for the manager in you those ABC’s are more like A-Always. B-Be. C-Collecting. In other words, don’t wait until you need help to start looking for help. You’re always on the hunt for smart employees and savvy advisors.

Every small business owner needs a great accountant, smart lawyer, creative marketing advisor, innovative administrative assistant to say the least. But you don’t need them until you need them, and when you do finally need them, it feels like you should have started the relationship yesterday. Well, since today is tomorrows yesterday, start looking now.

Presently, my business is a one woman show, so I do my own bookkeeping and accounting. But the company is growing, and I’ve been keeping my eyes open for the right accountant for years. Consequently, I just received the perfect referral a month ago. I don’t need her services yet, but I know where she is when I do.

Never Stop Looking

Scott Kriscovich is the President of TrueBridge Resources, a national talent acquisition firm that works with companies ranging from small start ups to corporations the size of Coca Cola. In a recent phone interview he said,

“smaller businesses tend to be more flexible in their hiring decisions, but have a harder time knowing exactly what they’re looking for.”

The beauty of working with someone like Kriscovich is that he can be your head-hunter and match-maker. He can help you get clear about what you really want and help you find the right fit. If he falls outside of your budget, however, the head hunting lands in your lap. And the best way to make it work is to look before you need — Always. Be. Collecting.

So You Think You’ve Found Gold 

Once you discover a potential accountant, lawyer, administrative assistant, etc., pull them into your business circle. Maybe you network together, are a part of the same club or can partner up for a community service project. You’re looking for opportunities to get to know them and to experience their work ethic. You need the engagement, because as my grandmother used to say, “all that glitters ain’t gold.”

And sometimes it’s only through repeat engagement that you discover the real story — they are better than you thought or just the opposite.

About the Author

Jamillah Warner is a speaker, poet with a passion for business and the Chief Gritty Writer at Nobuko Solutions — a communication company dedicated to helping business owners design and deliver the message behind their brand. Learn more about her and message design at GrittyWriter.com.

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