How To Make Money With Your Human Resources

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Making Money With Human Resources Advice

This guest small business blog post is brought to you by Sean Fahey, the founder of Vidcruiter Inc. Visit their site today for great human resources management advice and great video recruiting products and services!

Imagine this concept: You can have the human resources department start making money for you.

I was talking with a potential client the other day about their business and the fact they get huge amounts of people applying to their jobs. Yet most are not told they don’t get the job.

And I got an epiphany thinking about this. With VidCruiter we make letting people down for you super easy and automatic for you, so you don’t have to do it. To learn more see this blog post at our site. Now a little advice for human resources managers.

How To Make It Work

The epiphany I had was to also add a coupon for their business to all the non-hires. This only works for B2C companies, but if you add a coupon to your rejection email, not only will people feel better about not getting the job, but now your HR department is now advertising your business and possibly generating new clients and new revenue.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re Best Buy, and you post a job and get 100 resumes. These 100 people are all applying for a job where you only have a single opening. So what happens to those 99 other people?

Well, if Best Buy was using VidCruiter or following our advice, they would all get an e-mail saying. om essence, sorry at this time you’re not a match for the position automatically. But here is the kicker. Add in that email something like this:

Sorry you didn’t get the job, but for having taken the time to apply with us, we would like to offer you 10% of your next purchase at Best Buy with this coupon.

So you just sent 99 people, who might not have been too happy with you—and might not even go back into a Best Buy if they were really mad at you—a coupon and an excuse for them to go back and shop with you.

You can also track this coupon use and actually generate some revenue from HR.

The Benefit

Now lets do a little math, how much money does it currently cost for you to send a coupon to 99 people? Is it free? Well this way it is, now lets multiply this scenario for all 3,000 Best Buy locations.

You are now advertising to hundreds of thousands of people a year who might be mad at you for not hiring them and giving them a reason to keep shopping with you. As I said, this is a great move.

This huge marketing potential is not being used by enough companies in the marketplace primarily because the software out there will not let you do this. Folks, I am here to tell you that with VidCruiter you can start your HR department making revenue for your business.

Thanks to Sean Fahey for the advice! If you’re interested in learning more about the coupon program described above or you’re asking yourself “what is human resources,” visit their website.

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