Online Hiring Is Not Far-Fetched, It’s Here Today

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hiring small business workers online

If you’ve ever conducted an interview, chances are good you wish there was an easier way.

Who wants to do their hiring by sitting in a room with nervous applicants, reviewing their employment history, trying to see if they would be a good fit for your company, making sure they’re not a secret psychopath? It’s not a pleasant experience for anyone but the hardcore masochist, even if you wind up with great employees at the end of the process.

While there’s no effective way to do away with interviews entirely, you can cull the list for only the best applicants. You can do by painstaking interviews, long hours spent reviewing applications or by letting applicants interview themselves.

That’s the promise of Vidcruiter, a Canadian company using video software that allows them to handle initial interviews for you. Armed with analytics and tools that rank candidates. Everything is kept on file, but you get a sense of which candidates seem to best fit what you’re looking for. Armed with that knowledge, you can start your interviews from a smaller pools of candidates, one that has been pre-qualified.

It’s kind of a brilliant concept, albeit one which is still taking off.The idea of streamlining the all-too-busy process of hiring a new employee has to be mighty tempting, assuming the cost is not prohibitive. But is this just a cool idea that will appeal to a small slice of the small business world, or will it eventually become the norm?

My guess is more the latter. After all, we live in a world where you can do everything from order a pizza to apply for a job online. Being able to winnow down a candidate list for hiring has the feel of the wave of the future, even if Vidcruiter doesn’t offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Would you use a service like Vidcruiter? Interested to see where the discussion goes.

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