From The Battlefield To Business: Veterans As Entrepreneurs

Written by on May 12, 2011 in Small Business News - 1 Comment
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Quick hit for everyone this afternoon from the world of franchise, where I unearthed an interesting article about military veterans and their tendency to be entrepreneurs.

I’ll let Business News Daily spell out the premise of the article here:

If you spent some time in uniform serving Uncle Sam, all those days you sweated in boot camp may pay off when you put on your civies, a new study shows. You’re nearly 50 percent more likely to become an entrepreneur than your civilian counterparts, and the odds are even higher if you wore the rank of an officer.

At BizEngine, we’ve covered this topic briefly in the past. The ability to operate with discipline, work hard and take initiative within a rigid set of guidelines are talents essential to surviving in the world of franchises, and they’re all talents that are necessary to survive within the Army, Air Force, Marines, et al. It’s little surprise, then, that military men and women are drawn to be entrepreneurs and thrive once there.

Another incentive for lenders to open up their spigots for franchises, I’d say. What say you?

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