Employment Numbers Remain Unsteady For Small Businesses

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You want the good news or the bad news first?

Since I can’t really give you a choice, let’s just shove the bad news out of the way. According to Intuit’s Small Business Employment Index for August, the number of hours worked by small business employees and their compensation both dropped. That continues a roller coaster sort of trend where the dips have tended to be steeper than the rises.

The good news is that small business hiring itself actually rose ever-so-slightly in August, by 35,000 jobs, or .18 percent. Once more, it’s a modest gain, but one that continues to point to the importance of small businesses in driving job growth.

Nationally, job growth is in a grim place, stalling hard despite cautiously optimistic growth estimates from the Labor Department. Indeed, there’s a growing unease with the job rate that seems to be consuming the national conversation in much the way the debt ceiling debate did just a couple of short months ago.

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