Hiring The Right Customer Service Employees For Your Small Business

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Customer Service

This guest post comes to us from Vidcruiter.

When it comes to hiring customer service-focused employees, you can’t possibly do enough vetting.

That’s particularly true when you’re talking about staffing a call center, given how many clients might be routed there for your business. This call center could be a dedicated part of your business or just a few employees who handle customer service over the phone. No matter which one you’re hiring for, it should be clear that candidates for those jobs must possess exceptional customer service skills. Period.

This is a guide to the kinds of questions that will help you separate the excellent customer service choices from the weaker ones.

The Questions You Should Ask

  • How do you handle irate customers? Give me an example of what you’re thinking and what you say in response to an angry shopper.
  • What’s the outcome of that call?
  • Has a caller ever demanded to speak to your boss?
  • Have you ever hung up on a difficult customer?
  • Were you ever unable to help a customer? If so, why?
  • Have you ever taken the time to go the extra mile for a customer? If so, explain how.
  • How often have you needed assistance to resolve a claim? Was it from a colleague or a manager? Were they able to resolve the issue?

Now that you’ve read that over, we’d like to hear from you. Do those questions help you to formulate a winning list?

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