Ducks in a row
September 12, 2013, No comments

In the 24 years of advising CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve heard countless times about how the sales team was just sitting in the office getting all their “ducks […]

Small biz sales strategies

Steve Strauss: Seven Super Sales Strategies

September 11, 2013, No comments

As small business people, we are all in sales, in one way or another. Whether you are the photographer trying to get the gig, the restaurant that want ...

Merry Christmas Eve from BizEngine

Jamillah Warner: Small Business Holiday Marketing Starts Now

August 20, 2013, No comments

We are known by what we do. Statements like “They’re always friendly in that place;” “I love working with her — she’s thorough;” “He ...

e-mail button on a laptop

Steve Strauss: Death by e-mail

August 19, 2013, No comments

small In the past year I have more and more found myself saying, “I feel like I do email for a living” and I don’t say it is a good […]