A Webinar Wrapup: HubSpot Talks Social Media And The Art Of Timing

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We’ll be breaking down HubSpot’s Science of Timing webinar in two parts before the end of the week. Today, we’ll focus on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

Generally speaking, people don’t look too kindly on those who give themselves titles.

When Dan Zarrella of HubSpot calls himself  a social media scientist, however, you should listen. Zarrella spends a lot of time poring over data, and Tuesday’s fascinating webinar on the Science of Timing focused on how best to time your Twitter and Facebook updates to catch the maximum number of readers and comments.

Why is that important? You want to maximize the number of eyeballs on your content at all times, and there are certain times of day where you’ll find that’s much easier to do. For more, let’s dive into a collection of tips from the presentation. Remember that all times are Eastern Standard Time.

Timing Twitter

  1. Want to be re-Tweeted? Aim for the evening hours. According to Zarrella’s research, the late afternoon and early evening are the best times for a witty Tweet or great link to be discovered. Clickthroughs on links are highest on Wednesdays and over the weekend, according to Zarrella, and peaks at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. daily.
  2. Tweet more frequently. There’s a point at which it may be overkill, but if you’re Tweeting once a day you’re robbing your feed and your website content of traffic. Anywhere between 10-40 Tweets per day are pretty effective, with diminishing returns as you go further up the chain.
  3. Don’t crowd your links. The clickthrough rate for links is excellent for one or two an hour, but it takes a nosedive after that. Inundate your followers with links and re-Tweets and they’re likely to start ignoring them.”If you’re Tweeting your links from your website, keep one link and then stop for a little while. Let it breathe a little bit,” Zarrella recommends.

Finding Your Hour On Facebook

  1. The weekend is your friend. It may run counter to the Monday-Friday nature of your business. You may not be able to even do it. If you can, however, you should consider at least occasionally updating your Facebook page over the weekend. The preponderance of shares happen on Saturday and Sunday, so you might just get lucky on the weekend.
  2. Good morning, Facebook! In sharp contrast to Twitter, your best time to get shares on Facebook isn’t in the evening hours. It peaks sharply at 11 a.m., according to Zarrella, so try to time your posts and status updates in the late morning to catch that wave.

One final, interesting note to take away from the presentation. Zarrella notes that if you have a title like “expert,” people are more likely to listen to your opinion. Call it the very human tendency to respect authority. Call it whatever you want, but consider using it to your advantage.

Let us know what you think of the presentation in the comments. Part two will be up either Thursday or Friday.

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