A Visual Guide To Taking A Vacation, Small Business Style

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Yesterday I bemoaned the fact that over half of small business owners said in a recent poll that they couldn’t or wouldn’t take a summer vacation in 2011. If there’s a group that deserves a break, small business owners who give so liberally of their time and money just to keep a business afloat would be very near the top of the list.

Well, guess what? Intuit’s invaluable small business blog has landed an excellent infographic about this very topic, advising small business owners on how to take a summer vacation. There’s ample reason to do so, too, as it notes that there is usually an 82 percent in productivity for those returning from a one-to-two week vacation. If you’re feeling burnt out, there is no better panacea than time off.

The graphic also has some quality tips for making sure you can take that vacation, including the empowerment of employees. You may not be a fan of giving your staff too much autonomy—understandable, given that small businesses are like children for many owners—but giving them enough that you can go on vacation is a great idea.

I’m not going to bore you with any more of the details, because I think you’ll find the graphic engaging. But I would renew my call for you, the small business owner, to take a vacation. Hopefully the Intuit message will help you get there.

Tell us about your vacation plans in the comments!

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